Complete Screening Calls 10x Faster with Anthrofi's AI Recruiter - Lysha

Laisha automates and analyzes screening calls, rapidly assessing candidates to accelerate your hiring process and free up recruiters for strategic tasks.

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Empower your Recruiters with Lysha

The AI Assistant you need to Accelerate and Optimize Hiring at Scale!

Automated Screening Calls

Lysha leverages our highly-trained LLM to seamlessly carry out Screening conversations.

Customizable Evaluation Parameters

Lysha evaluates candidates based on your company values, role and any other parameter of your choice.

Advanced Interview Evaluation

Lysha is equipped with advanced sentiment analyses and speech evaluation models enabling high accuracy evaluation of candidates.

High Speed of Screening

Lysha is relentless, doesn't need breaks and is constantly on the phone doing screening calls, thereby reducing your Time-to-Hire drastically  

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